13 Best Betta Fish Tank Ideas With Images

Are you looking for the best betta fish tank ideas? Betta fish are a beautiful and popular species of fish that require special care in order to thrive. With the right tank setup, you can ensure your betta is living in a healthy environment that encourages growth and development. Here we have curated 13 great examples of betta tanks with images that can help get you started.

You’ll find tanks of all sizes and styles to suit any space – from modern cube tanks to traditional round ones. Plus, we’ll tell you what type of substrate and decorations work best in each setup so your pet can thrive in its new home. With our selection of beautiful aquariums, you’re sure to create an environment where your betta will feel right at home!

Betta fish, also known as Siamese fighting fish, are a popular pet choice for many people. Unfortunately, these beautiful and exotic creatures are often mistreated due to a lack of knowledge about their needs. Too often buyers are eager to purchase the fish without researching what is required for them to stay alive and healthy. This can quickly lead to the fish’s death if they aren’t kept in the correct environment.

Best Betta Fish Tank Ideas With Images

The most common mistake is keeping betta fish in tiny cups or bowls that don’t provide enough space for them to swim and explore their surroundings. Furthermore, many owners don’t pay attention to water temperature or pH levels which can create an unbalanced habitat, leading to health problems such as fin rot or bacterial infections.

Betta Fish Tank Ideas With Images

When it comes to setting up an aquarium, there are two main types of tank setups: Do-It-Yourself (DIY) and All-In-One (AIO). DIY setups require more work as the tanks must be built from scratch or modified before they can be used. Setting up a DIY tank requires knowledge of fishkeeping, water chemistry, and how to install components such as filters and pumps.

In contrast, AIO tanks come ready to use right out of the box. This type of setup is perfect for novice aquarists who want to get started with fishkeeping quickly and easily without needing much prior knowledge. An AIO tank is also convenient if you’re short on time or don’t feel like doing all the hard work that goes into setting up a DIY tank.

No Light, No Filter Betta Tank

Many aquarists prefer to keep their bettas in a tank that does not include light for the tank or a filter. This type of setup is known as ‘no light, no filter’ (NLNF) and has become increasingly popular over the years.

An NLNF setup is simple to maintain and requires minimal equipment; all you need is an appropriate tank, water conditioner, and heater if necessary – these tanks have no need for lighting or filtration. These tanks allow bettas to live in clean water while still providing them with natural elements like plants or decorations that can act as hiding places or resting spots.

No Light, No Filter Betta Tank

Low-tech aquariums have been gaining popularity in recent years, as they offer a unique way to keep fish without the need for expensive lighting and filtration systems. One of the most extreme types of low-tech tanks is a No Light, No Filter Betta Tank.

This makes them ideal for those who don’t have the time or resources to invest in more complex setups. The secret to keeping these no-light, no-filter tanks healthy is to add a couple of live plants which provide natural filtration and aeration. In addition, regular water changes are essential for removing harmful waste products that build up over time.

Betta Tank With Artificial Decorations

If you’re looking to add some color and excitement to your home, then a betta tank with artificial decorations is a perfect choice. Betta fish are known for their vivid colors and lively personalities, making them an ideal addition to any household. With the right setup, you can create a beautiful underwater paradise that will be sure to wow visitors.

This tank comes with everything you need to get started – including a filter but no heater. You can customize it with colorful plants and rocks that make it unique and visually appealing. The included LED light also adds another element of beauty as it illuminates your aquatic masterpiece. With this tank, there’s nothing stopping you from creating an eye-catching showpiece in your living room or bedroom!

Betta Tank With Artificial Decorations

Floating Plant Betta Tank

Floating plant betta tanks are an ideal way to add some natural beauty to your home or office. Adding live plants can make a boring fish tank come alive in no time, and the best part is that these plants don’t require much maintenance at all! Floating plants provide heat-loving bettas with shelter and shade, while also helping to oxygenate the water. Plus, they look great too!

These low-maintenance floating plants provide a refreshing change from traditional decorations. They require very little care and many of them are extremely easy to grow. No special setup is needed; you simply choose the right type of plant for your tank and let it do its thing! The most popular choice of floating plants for betta tanks are Anacharis, Hornwort, Java Moss, and Duckweed.

Floating Plant Betta Tank

Betta Tank With A Green Bed

A betta tank with a green bed is the perfect way to provide your fish with an aesthetically pleasing and comfortable environment. The green bed can be made from aquarium plants such as java moss, java fern, or Cabomba, or you can use grass clippings or even turf. All of these materials create a soft substrate that provides comfort for the betta while also making a natural and inviting look to your tank. To further enhance the environment, add some sloppy rocks as a shelter for the betta.

The sloppy rocks should be large enough that they are not swallowed by the fish but still small enough to provide adequate protection from predators and stressors in their environment. You can also place some other decorations such as driftwood branches or artificial plants around your green bed for added visual appeal.

Betta Tank With A Green Bed

Tropical Island Setup

A tropical island setup can bring a taste of paradise to any home. This tank is set up as a small tropical island with one side featuring lush and vibrant jungle vegetation, and the other side replicating a beach-like landscape. The mesmerizing colors, textures, and shapes that make up this aquascape will create an oasis for any fish that inhabit the tank.

This type of setup requires careful planning to ensure the habitat within is properly balanced. Special attention should be paid to substrate choice in order to maintain ideal pH levels and provide essential trace elements for plants. Aquatic plants must be selected carefully, taking into consideration their light requirements, size potential, and growth rate when choosing compatible species that won’t overtake the tank. The addition of rock formations can really help bring out the character of your tank and add interest too!

Tropical Island aquarium Setup

Betta Tank With Multi-Colored Plants

Adding plants to your betta fish tank is a great way to add beauty and natural elements that your betta will absolutely love. If you want an eye-catching display, look no further than a betta tank with multi-colored plants. This tank can be filled with a variety of brightly colored artificial, luminescent, and live plants in order to give your fish the perfect home environment.

Artificial plastic and silk plants bring unique colors and textures to the aquarium while also providing cover for shy or timid bettas. If you want something more realistic, opt for live aquatic plants such as hornwort and anacharis which are known for their vibrant hues of green. For an extra bit of sparkle, try adding some glow-in-the-dark aquarium decorations that light up at night!

Betta Tank With Multi-Colored Plants

Betta Tank With Buddha Ruins

Creating an underwater temple for your betta fish is a great way to bring a bit of tranquility and serenity into your home. The Buddha Ruins Tank brings the beauty and power of Buddhism straight to your aquarium. This tank consists of live plants arranged to look like ruins beneath the water, along with a headpiece featuring an image of the Buddha himself.

In addition to being beautiful, this setup is also practical as it provides hiding spots for the betta fish and keeps their environment healthy.

Not only are these tanks aesthetically pleasing but they can also help promote positive vibes throughout your home. The soothing presence of the Buddha’s image can be calming as you watch him looking down upon his meditating followers inside the tank. Furthermore, since betta fish are known to thrive in calm environments, having this tranquil setting will make them feel right at home.

Betta Tank With Buddha Ruins

Bamboo Forest With Buddha Statue

This beautiful bamboo forest with a huge Buddha statue in the center is a testament to the power of nature and Buddhism. The Buddha statue stands as an iconic centerpiece, surrounded by lush greenery and vibrant colors. This sacred space serves as a reminder that through nature we can find our inner peace and joy.

For Buddhists, this bamboo forest is the perfect place for meditation and contemplation. It allows them to connect with their innermost thoughts and feelings while also connecting to the natural environment around them. Visiting this tranquil setting provides an opportunity to reflect on one’s life and values while also admiring the beauty of nature.

The bamboo forest with its Buddha statue is an inspiring site that honors both Buddhism’s connection with nature and its core principles of mindfulness, compassion, non-judgment, acceptance, and non-attachment.

Bamboo Forest With Buddha Statue

Betta Fish Tank Table

A betta fish tank table is the perfect way to spruce up any room with a touch of aquatic life. This stylish and functional piece of furniture can easily hold a 10-gallon aquarium, making it ideal for those looking to create an interesting focal point in their home. Not only does it provide an eye-catching display, but its added storage capabilities also make it a practical choice.

The sleek design of this fish tank table adds a modern aesthetic while still being highly customizable. With numerous color options available, you will be able to find the perfect match for your existing décor. Additionally, adjustable shelves and drawers are included so that you can store all of your equipment and supplies in one place. It even has multiple compartments specifically designed for keeping tanks organized and tidy!

Betta Fish Tank Table

BiOrb Flow Aquarium

The BiOrb Flow Aquarium is revolutionizing the way fish owners keep their aquatic pets. Combining modern technology and traditional aquarium design, this innovative aquarium boasts many features that make it stand out from the competition. Its distinctive bubble tube and LED lighting system create a captivating display of color-changing lights that mimic natural sunlight, while its built-in filtration system offers superior water quality for your fish.

In addition, the BiOrb Flow Aquarium is designed to be aesthetically pleasing and extremely low maintenance, making it ideal for busy lifestyles.

The main feature of this aquarium is its unique pump-driven flow system which helps ensure optimal water movement within the tank. This not only keeps your fish healthy but also allows them to swim in a more natural environment as they would in their natural habitat.

BiOrb Flow Aquarium

BiOrb Tube Aquarium

BiOrb Tube Aquarium is a modern, stylish and unique aquarium that provides fish owners with the perfect environment for their aquatic pets. This innovative aquarium from BiOrb takes your fish-keeping experience to the next level. Its all-in-one design makes it easily customizable so you can create the ideal home for your underwater friends.

The BiOrb Tube Aquarium includes high-tech features such as an interactive LED lighting system, allowing you to set up different light sequences depending on day or night and also adjust the brightness accordingly. The aquarium also comes with a built-in filter which allows you to keep your tank clean and healthy, while its curved shape allows for maximum water flow throughout the tank. And with its sleek design, it looks great wherever you put it!

BiOrb Tube Aquarium

Hygger Horizon Curve-Shaped Aquarium

The Hygger Horizon Curve Shaped Aquarium is the perfect choice for any aquarist wanting to bring a piece of nature into their home. This stylish aquarium features a unique curved shape that makes it stand out from other tanks while allowing you to create an eye-catching aquarium display. The tank comes with all the necessary accessories and equipment needed to get your aquatic environment thriving right away, including filters, lighting, gravel, and more.

Hygger Horizon Curve-Shaped Aquarium

The low-maintenance design allows you to enjoy your tank without having to worry about frequent cleaning or expensive upkeep. It’s equipped with a powerful filtration system that helps keep water quality high and eliminates waste buildup in the tank. With its bright LED lighting system, your fish will thrive in this natural-looking ecosystem while adding ambiance to any room of your home. Finally, its unique shape adds an element of visual interest unmatched by traditional rectangular tanks.

Aqueon LED 5.5 Gallon Pink Aquarium Kit

Aqueon LED 5.5 Gallon Pink Aquarium Kit is the perfect way to bring a touch of color and life into any home or office space. This aquarium kit comes with everything needed to get started, including a 5.5-gallon tank, filter, heater, fluorescent light fixture with energy-efficient LED lighting, and decorations. The unique pink color makes this aquarium a beautiful addition to any decor while providing an inviting environment for fish and invertebrates alike.

The energy-saving LED lights provide bright illumination while consuming less electricity than traditional bulbs. Plus, the hood design provides additional protection from curious children or pets looking to explore the tank’s inhabitants. The filter helps keep the water clean by removing debris and excess nutrients that can lead to poor water quality for your fish and other inhabitants.

Aqueon LED 5.5 Gallon Pink Aquarium Kit

Related Questions

Can Bettas Live In A Bowl Or A Jar?

Yes, bettas can live in a bowl or jar. Bettas are hardy fish and can survive in a variety of environments, including bowls and jars. While it is possible for a betta to live in such an environment, it is important to remember that there are certain requirements that must be met.

The size of the container should be taken into consideration when choosing one for your betta. Smaller containers such as bowls and jars will require more frequent water changes than larger tanks due to their limited capacity. Additionally, these smaller containers may not have enough oxygen for a betta’s needs so adding an air stone or filter is recommended.

It is also important to keep the water temperature stable by using a thermometer and heater if necessary.

What Size Tank Should I Get For My Betta?

When it comes to selecting a tank for your betta, size matters. A tank that is too small can lead to poor water quality and health issues for your fish, while a bigger tank gives them more space to explore and can even lead to less stress. As a general rule of thumb, you should get an aquarium as small as 2.5 gallons for one adult Betta fish.

A standard 2.5-gallon aquarium is suitable for housing adult Bettas when they are alone in the aquarium. Anything smaller than this will not provide enough space or appropriate filtration for your betta’s needs, so it’s important to ensure you get the right-sized tank if you want your Betta to thrive and be happy.

How Many Bettas Are In One Tank?

The answer depends on how big the tank is and how much you can devote to its maintenance. Generally speaking, a single male betta can be kept in a tank that’s at least 5 gallons. If you have more than one male betta, you’ll need a larger aquarium with plenty of hiding spaces so the fish don’t fight each other. A 15-gallon tank is recommended for two males or three females living together. Females are less aggressive than males and don’t need as much space.

For tanks larger than 15 gallons, it’s possible to keep up to five female bettas without any problems as long as there are enough hiding places for them all.


In conclusion, there are many options when it comes to setting up a betta fish tank. Whether you decide to buy one or make it by yourself, there are plenty of ideas out there to choose from. However, keep in mind that the best betta fish tank is one that is designed with the needs of your individual fish in mind. Consider factors such as size, shape, and decoration before investing in any aquarium setup.

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