Can Black Moor Live With Goldfish?

It is a very interesting question can black moor fish live with goldfish? It is contentious, with opinions split into both sides. Keeping these two species together in the same tank can be risky, given their different temperaments and other needs.

 However, keeping the two varieties in harmony is possible if done correctly. This article will explore the necessary steps and considerations to keep black moors and goldfish together in an aquarium environment.

Can Black Moor Live With Goldfish?

Are Black Moors Fish-Friendly?

Are Black Moors fish-friendly? This is an essential question for aquarium enthusiasts everywhere. Black Moors, or telescope fish, have become increasingly popular in recent years as they are known to be peaceful and hardy. But how do they act around other fish in the tank?

Studies show that Black Moors are, in fact, very friendly towards other species of aquatic life. They rarely exhibit aggressive behavior and prefer to calmly observe their tankmates from a distance.

Therefore, these peaceful fish can coexist peacefully with many others and make suitable candidates for community tanks. However, it’s important not to overstock your tank with Black Moors as they can get quite large – up to 4 inches – and need plenty of room to swim comfortably.

Can Black Moor Live With Goldfish?

Can black moor goldfish live with other types of goldfish? This is a common question among aquarium enthusiasts. Black Moor Goldfish is a unique breed with bulging eyes and fancy tails and can grow up to five inches in length.

 Although many assume that black moor goldfish should only be kept alone, they can happily live with other types of goldfish as long as specific requirements are met.

The first factor to consider when putting different breeds of goldfish together is their size. While some varieties, such as the comet or Shubunkin, can get larger than the black moor, others, like the fantail or ryukin, may stay around the same size. Keeping in an aquarium too small for them to fit comfortably can cause overcrowding and stress out the fish

Can Black Moor Live With Goldfish?

Goldfish Types That can live with Black Moor Goldfish

Even though black moors get along well with most fish, some goldfish prefer black moors.

Other elegant types that are slow-moving provide the best tank mates for goldfish. However, some goldfish are less aggressive than black moors, while others are more prone to mishaps. The types of goldfish that go well with black moors are listed below.


Shubunkins are an ideal companion for Black Moors since they have similar care requirements and sizes. The Shubunkin has a unique look compared to other fancy goldfish; its orange-and-brown calico pattern is especially striking.

Shubunkins need plenty of space in their aquariums, so they should be kept in tanks of 40 gallons or larger when housed with Black Moors.


The most common type of goldfish to keep with this species is the common goldfish. Famous for their bright orange coloration, these fish have evolved to survive in colder waters and can coexist peacefully with their black moor counterparts.

Some varieties of fantails

Some varieties of fantails make great companions for black moors. These enthusiastic fish come in many colors, shapes, and sizes – including calico, red and white, blue oranda, telescope eye, bubble eye, and more! Fantails are generally peaceful but need plenty of space to swim around.

Since they’re considered active swimmers compared to other fancy goldfish varieties, it’s best to have a large enough tank that provides lots of swimming room for them.

Some varieties of veil tails

If you’re looking for a compatible tankmate for your Black Moor Goldfish, some varieties of veil tails make good companions. These include Bristol Shubunkins, Calico Fantails, Red Cap Orandas, Red Comets, Pearlscale Goldfish, and Lionhead Goldfish.

 All these varieties have colorful scales that contrast nicely with the dark body of the black moor fish. The veiltail finnage also helps create graceful movements in the tank, which can be pleasing to watch.

Goldfish that cannot live with Black Moors:


The Comet goldfish has a longer body shape than other types of goldfish, as well as a slimmer tail fin which gives them more speed and agility in their swimming. They are very active and energetic during the day, so they need plenty of room to swim around freely to keep them happy and healthy.

 Therefore, when sharing an aquarium with Black Moors, their movements can cause disruption and stress for them, as these fish prefer calmer waters where they can find peace in their environment.

Ryukin Goldfish

Ryukin goldfish have been bred to have large tail fins and a distinctively arched back compared to standard goldfish. They thrive in warm water temperatures of 68°F–74°F and prefer shallow tanks with plenty of swimming space as they are strong swimmers—unlike Black Moors, which often stay on the bottom of the tank.

 Additionally, Ryukin goldfish require more protein than their more sedentary companions; thus, their diet should consist of high-quality proteins like brine shrimp or bloodworms rather than the typical flakes most other fish enjoy.


One popular type is the Ranchu, distinguished by its unique tail shape. Unfortunately, these beautiful fish are incompatible with another popular goldfish breed – black moor.

Ranchu are generally docile and shy creatures that prefer to be left alone, Black Moors are more aggressive and territorial. This can lead to serious conflict if the two breeds are kept together in the same aquarium or pond.

 The weaker Ranchus can quickly become stressed or injured due to the constant harassment from their much larger black counterparts. For this reason, it’s best to keep them separate for everyone’s safety.


Orandas are giant, fancy goldfish with elaborate head growth. They have been selectively bred to produce this ornamental appearance, but unfortunately, their heads make them particularly vulnerable to being picked on by other fish.

 Black Moors, while also attractive in their own right, tend to be more aggressive regarding interactions between species. Furthermore, they can outcompete Orandas for food due to their larger size and higher activity level.

Due to these reasons, if you plan on keeping Orandas and Black Moors in your aquarium, they must be kept separate from one another.


Lionhead goldfish are one species that should not be kept with black moors. These large, long-bodied fish feature an almost rounded head shape due to their distinctive ‘hood,’ formed by the development of bony protrusions on either side of the head.

 Lionheads grow large compared to other goldfish varieties and can reach up to 8 inches in length when fully mature.

People who own goldfish are often surprised to find out that some types of goldfish cannot live together with other styles, including the famous Black Moor.

The Black Moor is a telescope-eye fish with large, protruding eyes and long, flowing fins. It is considered one of the most beautiful goldfish varieties, but it can be incompatible with certain other goldfish.

Bubble eyes

The Bubble Eye Goldfish is one type that cannot live with a Black Moor in an aquarium. This fish has two large fluid-filled sacs on its head, which contain several air bubbles.

 These air bubbles cause the Bubble Eye Goldfish to float upside down unless it receives extra support from an underwater rock or plant structure for it to rest on.

Telescope eyes

The aggression of goldfish toward black moors often becomes apparent when they begin to chase and nip at their fins or faces. Not only does this cause distress to the moor, but it can also lead to physical injury or disease due to the stress caused by the harassment.

Can Black Moor Live With Goldfish?


In conclusion, a Black Moor can live with goldfish in the same tank, but it should be done with caution. Black Moors are a susceptible species and require specific water parameters to survive. On the other hand, goldfish have different needs and can be housed together without issue.

Therefore, if you decide to keep these two species together, ensure that the tank is well-maintained and provide both species with adequate food and hiding places.

Related Questions

Do black moor goldfish eat other goldfish?

No, black moor goldfish typically do not eat other goldfish. They are generally peaceful fish and will not bother other fish that are the same size or smaller.

 However, if the other fish is much smaller, it may become food for the black moor. It’s best to keep them with similar-sized fish or larger ones that can defend themselves.

What size tank do I need for two black moor goldfish?

A 20-gallon tank is a minimum size recommended for two black moor goldfish. However, larger tanks are preferred, as goldfish produce a lot of waste and benefit from more swimming space. If possible, aim for a 40-gallon tank or larger.

Why is my goldfish attacking my black moor?

Goldfish can be territorial and attack other fish in the tank if they feel threatened or compete for resources. If your black moor is smaller than the goldfish, it may be seen as a threat and attacked. To prevent further attacks, provide plenty of hiding spots for both fish and keep their tank well-maintained with regular water changes.

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